As a graphic designer I work in a variety of cultural and economic fields. The graphic work is based on image-creation and grid-definition with the aim to structure content and communicate message and content in a relevant way. Creating aesthetical surroundings, typographic lanugage and technical solutions result in content based products that fit the clients needs and approach. Commercial work is supported by personal projetcs and collaborations.


since 2019 – Teaching typography at Elisava
2018 & 2019 – Lecturing at IED


2018 – Currently working part-time at Martí Guixé
2017 – Internship at Javier Jaen
2016 – Diploma, Communication Design, ABK
2004 – Eighteen
1987 – One

→ Tel. +34 671 524 103

Social media

175 Grad, ABK Stuttgart, Anchin Mabel, Breinlinger Engineers, Cainelliklaska, Design Hoch 3, Die Opticer, Fahrenheit, Intuity, Laut Barcelona, Mundt.Direkt, Nike Basketball, Odas, RenderThat Agency, The Local House, Merlin Stuttgart, Kulturbetrieb Wagenhallen Stuttgart, Nun Magazine, Serena Houses, Treibender Teppich Records, Watergate Berlin, Zeit Campus etc.

Press release
Page Magazine, AIGA – Eye on Design, Chois Gallery Magazine, It's Nice That, Ligatur, Novum magazine

Awards and distinctions
● 2019: International Graphic Design Biennal Chaumont | Poster Biennal Bolivia | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz ● 2018: International Poster Biennal Warsaw | Poster Biennal Ecuador | Trnava Poster Triennal | Nomination A' Design Award | Graphic Design Festival Schottland | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz ● 2017: Macau Design Biennal | Graphic Design Festival Schottland | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | Lahti Poster Triennal | Type Directors Club Tokio ● 2016: Shenzen International Poster Festival | Graphic Design Festival Scotland | Moscow Global Biennal of Graphic Design | Ecuador Poster Biennal | Type Directors Club Tokyo ● 2015: 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | China International Poster Biennal | Taipei International Design Award | Graphic Design Festival Scotland | Poster Triennal Toyama | Type Directors Club Tokyo | Poster Biennal Bolivia | Trnava Poster Triennal ● 2014: Graphic Design Festival Schotland | International Poster Biennal Mexico | Taipei International Design Award | Type Directors Club Tokyo | Lahti Poster Triennial | Biennal of Graphic Design Brno | Poster Biennal Warsawa | Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont | Output Award Selection | Nominee German Design Award | Golden Bee Moscow Biennal of Graphic Design | Schönste Deutsche Bücher (Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung) | Poster Biennal Novi Sad ● 2013: Type Directors Club Tokyo | The Biennal of Poster Bolivia | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | Förderpreis des Buchinstituts der ABK Stuttgart | MFG-Award | Taiwan International Graphic Design Award | China International Poster Biennal | International Student Poster Biennal Lublin | Poster 4 Tomorrow ● 2012: Förderpreis des Buchinstituts der ABK Stuttgart | Poster Triennal Toyama | Poster Biennal Warsaw | Poster Triennal Trnava | Poster Biennal Novi Sad | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | International Student Poster Competition Skopje

● 2018: Astana World Expo Retrospective Exhibition, World Expo Museum, Shanghai, group exhibition | Inventario, Barcelona, group exhibition ● 2017: Flumadiddle, The Light House, Glasgow, group exhibition | The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog, EspaiD, Barcelona, with Alessandro Apai ● 2015: Thank You For Shopping Here, Complex 23, Heilbronn, with Hans-Jörg Seidler ● 2014: The Don't Show, Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin, group exhibition | New Form, China, group exhibition ● 2013: Very Very Contemporary, Self Service Open Art Space, Stuttgart, group exhibition | Einmalig Super Kurz, Stuttgart, group exhibition | Geheimnis (Verzückung der Stelle), Herrmanshof, Hannover, group exhibition | Perlen Für Die Säule, Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart, group exhibition ● 2012: Was Danach Passiert Ist Erst Mal Scheiß Egal, Stuttgart, group exhibition | Ein Euro Shop, MuK, Stuttgart, with Hans-Jörg Seidler | Niklaus Troxler und Studenten, Kunsthalle, Luzern, group exhibition | Welch Schöne Utopie, Stuttgart, group exhibition | Ein Euro Shop II, Stuttgart, group exhibition

Several graphic works are present in different national and international collections.