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Mark Bohle

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As a graphic design studio we do work in a variety of cultural and economic fields. Our approach and graphic work is based on image-creation and grid-definition. We aim to structure content and communicate content in a coherent way. Creating aesthetical surroundings, typographic language and technical solutions result in content based products that fit the clients needs and characteristics. We do work from Barcelona for clients around planet earth. If you are interested in working with us please drop us a line give us a call.

Studio Mark Bohle
C/ de Pallars 141, 2A
ES - 08018 Barcelona

Awards (selection)
● 2020: Type Directors Club Tokyo | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | Global Biennal of Graphic Design Golden Bee Moscow ● 2019: International Graphic Design Biennal Chaumont | Antwerp Poster Festival ● 2018: Nomination, A Design Award | International Poster Biennal Warsaw ● 2017: 1st prize, Grafia Tapani Aartomaa Prix, Lahti Poster Triennale | Macau Design Biennal | Type Directors Club Tokyo ● 2016: Global Biennal of Graphic Design Golden Bee Moscow | Ecuador Poster Biennal ● 2015: 1st prize, Graphic Design Festival Scotland | Taipei International Design Award | Poster Triennal Toyama | Type Directors Club Tokyo | 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Since 2018 teaching typography at the master class for Graphic Design at Elisava University Barcelona. Alongside he gives workshops and lectures:
● 2020: »Fun Work Business Teaching«, Online Lecture, Zibushe
● 2020: »From screen to Space«, Workshop, C-Idea Design Award
● 2019: »Summer Course Packaging Design« at IED
● 2018: »Summer Course Packaging Design« at IED
● 2018: »Copy and Paste Waves«, workshop together with Mareen Wrobel, Lunga Art School, Iceland

● 2020: »Tonight At Merlin«, Mark Bohle, Raffael Kormann und Kulturzentrum Merlin Prima.Publikationen, ISBN 978-3-9821198-3-0
● 2019: »Research Garden«, self published

Clients & Collaborators (selection)
Puma, Nike, Basora, Dietz, Studio Helsinki, Andrés Reisinger, Ogilvy & Mather, Breinlinger Engineers, Cainelliklaska, Design Hoch 3, Intuity, Laut Barcelona, LeonRomero, Renderthat Agency, Merlin Stuttgart, Watergate Berlin, DieZeit, Elisava University, Does Work, Mira Festival, International European Desin School, Vessel, SWR, Fischer Appelt, Lunga School, Sunrise Medical, Martí Giuxé, Javier Jaen, Patrick Thomas, Julia Esque, etc.

Exhibitions (selection)
● 2020: »Speculative Grammar«, Taca, Palma de Mallorca
● 2019: »Zine Library«, Gruppenausstellung, RFI Gallery, Hamburg
● 2018: »Zusammenhang«, Gruppenausstellung, Stuttgart
● 2018: »Inventario«, Gruppenausstellung, Barcelona
● 2017: »The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog«, Espai D, Barcelona, in collaboration with Alessandro Apai)
● 2015: »Thank You for Shopping Here!«, Complex 23, Heilbronn, in collaboration with Hans-Jörg Seidler

Several graphic works are present in different museums and private collections.